The PREMIER cleaning supply and solutions company for the upper midwest.

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Achem has over 40 years of dedication as one of the world’s leading suppliers of a wide range of pressure sensitive tapes for the packaging, industrial, and printing industries. Quality, Innovation, and Service are the standards that Achem’s business was founded on, and you see that in every product they produce today.

Berk Wiper International has been in the business of converting disposable wiping cloths for over 35 years. Their focus is “one stop shopping”, to help distributors simplify the purchasing process and provide a large selection of products. With one of the broadest lines of wipers in the industry, Berk Wiper makes the process easy with a wiping cloth for every market in the industry, including Jan-San, Foodservice, Healthcare, Automotive and Industrial.

Bobrick is one of the oldest bathroom supply manufacturers in the United States. They can supply any of your washroom accessory needs, including hand dryers, soap dispensers, toilet partitions, and other important restroom fixtures. Bobrick is aware of the need to produce sustainable, efficient products, and many of their restroom accessories are created using recycled materials.

Putting the best at your fingertips is not just a logo but a way of doing business at Chase. They are a full line manufacturer of aerosols including cleaners and disinfectants, air fresheners, insecticides, industrial products and a wide range of painting products.

For generations, the Clorox Company has been committed to making products that promote a cleaner world and healthier homes. The Clorox name carries with it a heritage of quality and experience. They are committed to the success of their customers through product innovation and exceptional service, and continue the Clorox tradition with their line of professional products.

Century Label has nearly 40 years of custom label and packaging printing experience. Providing pressure sensitive labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging to brands around the globe since 1980, Century Label specializes in precision printing and personalized customer care. With onsite printing facilities, state-of-the-art HD Flexo and digital equipment, as well as experienced production and graphics teams, G7 Master Printer Century Label is committed to meeting your unique packaging needs.

Daymark’s goal is to provide efficient, economical, and innovative ways to label in compliance with Federal Food Codes, as well as additional safety products, services and solutions for the food service industry. DayMark has been an INNOVATOR in the labeling field since 1996 with the introduction of the Dissolve-A-Way™ labels. The next few years saw many advances, including: Dissolve-A-Way™ Tape, MoveMark™ Removable, SmartTemp and ReMark™ Repositionable labels.The extensive line of labeling products ensures that we have just what you're looking for.

Geerpres has set the bar high when it comes to healthcare related products. From Stainless Steel carts to the unduplicated downpress wringer, Geerpres manufacturers the products of the highest quality. Our only problem is that our products last too long.

Golden Star is considered the premier manufacturer of mops and textile cleaning systems. They are committed to working with their customers to provide tailored solutions, including private branding and quality products containing post-consumer recycled fibers.

Greenlight Products is focused on the development of market leading packaging materials that are biodegradable, compostable, recyclable and offer a superior technical performance while actively promoting the use of sustainable raw materials and energy efficient manufacturing processes.

At GOJO, their sole focus is on hand hygiene and healthy skin. As a result, they lead the industry in developing skin care and dispensing solutions for markets that include healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, foodservice, educations and government.

Holland Manufacturing Co. was established in 1958 as a manufacturing facility to produce water activated sealing tape. While the history is rooted in water activated tape, Holland Manufacturing produces custom solutions for the packaging, manufacturing, and construction industries, ensuring that our customers can bring their products to market with the highest finished quality and security.

Impact Products was founded on the principle of the “and then some” attitude. Always striving to be the “Flexible Friendly” company, Impact is your one stop shop for custodial standards as well as hard to find products. You are missing business opportunities if your customers don’t have this catalog.

Jadcore is a family owned and operated multidivisional business that started in 1974, and has developed a trademark of quality products and service with a personal touch. They collect, recycle, and remanufacture post industrial materials which are used to produce premium can liners that you will be proud to call your own.

With beginnings in the Janitorial/Sanitary supply markets, M+A Matting, formerly The Anderson Company, has grown and expanded into a variety of other markets, including Safety/Industrial, Food Service, Floor Covering and Commercial Catalog markets. In all of these markets, they have built their business and reputation on two fundamental principles: Do what is right and do what is best for the customer. Their 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed warranty is rooted in these basic principles.

NAPCO understands the weight that plastic carries in everyday lives. They have had 10+ years of rapid growth in the industry, showing a successful dedication to providing quality can liners for a variety of markets including foodservice, janitorial, health care, grocery / convenience, institutional, building maintenance, industrial, and municipal.

Norton is the world leader in abrasives products and technology with a total commitment to the finest quality products and services. For over 50 years, Norton has met the needs of the floor maintenance and janitorial supply industry with a complete offering of floor pads, hand and utility pads, sponges and scrubbing pads, and micro-fiber products. Sanding screens and other abrasives are also available for floor finishing.

Nyco Products is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals used in the sanitary maintenance and industrial cleaning markets. Considered the premier manufacturer of private branded chemicals, Nyco creates powerful, private-branded marketing strategies that deliver consistency and value for your company and your customers.

Phoenix McDonald Company Machines is the innovative leader in water activated tape dispensers. Water activated [WAT] or gummed tape is the best carton sealing method available today. When properly applied with Phoenix Tape Dispensers, WAT is the best bet to prevent theft and shipping damage due to inferior seal. Phoenix has a variety of tape dispensers to meet the needs of enterprises large and small.
SmartSolve encompasses a family of environmentally friendly water soluble paper materials that are produced in multiple thicknesses, coatings and configurations. From label stock and board stock to thread and tape, SmartSolve can be used in a variety of valuable applications. In addition, SmartSolve materials can be coated with water soluble adhesive that dissolves in water and leaves behind no residue, a heat seal top coating that allows the material to be converted into water soluble containers (such as pouches, tubes and folding cartons) or a direct thermal top coating for use in thermal printers. Bio-based materials are the foundation of SmartSolve's products, providing an ecologically sound solution to your paper and packaging needs.

Solaris Paper contributes to a sustainable building operation through extraordinary quality and value. This provides highly desirable products to end-user building occupants that are brighter, whiter and softer than competing products. Solaris provides favorable economics to the commercial buyer and facilities management, along with a socially and environmentally responsible life cycle footprint.

Being one of the largest converters of film in the industry allows Western Plastics to be a one stop shop for not only your standard hand wrap, but also anything specialized that your customer might need. Printed , UVI all weather, static dissipative, color coding and vented wraps are all specialties of Western Plastics. Western is flexible, where the big players can’t be.